1.  After you have applied to one of our jobs, the system creates a short Job Seeker profile. As a Job Seeker, you will be able to review and apply for jobs posted on our site, but you will not be able to start working with us until you are registered in our network as a CANDIDATE.
  2. To become a CANDIDATE you will have to Complete a CANDIDATE PROFILE on our website and/or visit our Recruiting Center during business hours with SIN and photo identification and work permit (where applicable) to prove that you are eligible to work in Canada
During the completion of the CANDIDATE PROFILE you will be asked to complete these steps in the following order:
  • Fill out a Registration form and the Terms and Conditions agreement.
  • View a WHIMIS awareness, GMP, and Health and Safety brochure or other instructional material.
  • Complete an Assessment which covers Basic Math, Comprehension of WHIMIS symbols, GMP and Health and Safety
  • Conclude with an interview with one of the Staffing Consultants who will spend time with you to establish a complete understanding of your skills and what type of assignments we can offer to you in the future.
The entire registration process takes approximately 20-30 min.

Please include your Resume when applicable, any certificates or professional licenses such as driver’s license or forklift certification, SIN card, Valid picture ID and a Void Cheque or Direct Deposit Form.

  • The candidate applying with us must be eligible to work in Canada.
  • Before you start work you will have to provide a SIN card and a valid photo ID.
  • We only pay by Cheque or Direct deposit.
If any of these conditions do not suit you, we will not be able to help.
Why become an Shark Staffing Services CANDIDATE
  • A variety of assignments in the range of industries. Once you registered you become a candidate for the Job orders that we get from more than 100 Business clients in GTA Area.
  • You will have a priority to the openings that come from our Employer customers even before the positions appear on the job board.
  • We search for additional suitable jobs for you and recommend it to you in the form of Job alerts via phone, email or text messages.
  • Enhance your Job Search Success. Our Recruiters review your qualifications and actively offer your Candidacy to existing and new business Clientele.
  • We offer convenient, transit accessible Branch locations.
  • Friendly service.
  • Our Employers offer Safe and Productive work environments.
  • 7 days a week hours of operations.
  • Flexible working schedules including days, afternoons, midnights for temporary and long term positions and projects.
  • In many cases, we are able to assist with transportation to your work sites.
  • We administer your payroll and the Pay cheques are issued weekly.
  • Quick registration process.
  • Referral bonuses offered.
Most of all, the service is FREE!