In addition to our Proactive Recruitment approach to help with the search assignments and deliver predictable results we employ Systematized Search Strategies that help us locate Qualified Candidates for our Clients.

Shark Staffing Services Search process is a proven method that builds in enough crosschecks and depth of research to locate talented individuals and give our clients peace of mind and a level of result predictability.

The 9 Steps Search Process

We move in a logical sequence.  Based on the specific requirement, some steps can be performed simultaneously.  At each step, the Client Company can expect the materials indicated.

Step 1: Assess Client Needs
We confer with the primary client contact to develop the position-specific skill set, preferred experience and position functions.  We also meet members of the client “interview team” to capture the intangible elements and to set expectations. We represent our clients in the most consistent and dignified manner from the initial contact to the final offer and acceptance.

Step 2: Develop Position Spec  
We build a job description based on function, corporate culture and critical elements desired.

Step 3: Define Search Universe
We identify and target likely areas to locate an individual.  These may include competitors, similar environments and vendors.

Step 4: Recruit, Qualify Candidates
We begin the active phase of the search and contact the targets and referrals to locate appropriate individuals.  We interview the most promising people.

Step 5: Present Search Results
We review the results with the Client Company to analyze industry trends, talent pool and best candidates interviewed.

Step 6: Interview Select Candidates
We arrange client company interviews with the approved candidates. Candidates move forward in process to second and third interviews if needed.

Step 7: Check References
We talk with people who are working or have worked with the finalist to ascertain skills and successes

Step 8: Present Offer Package
We help the client prepare an offer that will be accepted on the spot.  We clear away issues and suggest timing for immediate acceptance.

Step 9: Consult During Transition
If applicable, we talk the candidate through the resignation period.  We set expectations for the resignation meeting and coach the candidate on writing the resignation letter.

Our search process offers the client company significant advantages over other methods of attracting talented people. As experienced professionals, we represent our clients in the most consistent and dignified manner from the initial contact to the final offer and acceptance.